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Having been a subscriber from the very first issue let me say out loud, how much I enjoy this magazine and how happy I am that the publisher moved off of the Magzter magazine platform. Wow, beautiful interface! The magazine has a very clean look within the application. It installs and loads very quickly. The page transitions are very smooth... zoom in zoom out is flawless. I love the ability to make notes, and chapter markers. The transition of my account was seamless, and logging into my account was very straightforward. I can view online or download to multiple devices for offline reading. I love the magazine and I will continue to support it. Thank you!

United States

Wing Chun Illustrated is one of the best martial arts magazines I’ve had the pleasure of reading. The articles are interesting, informative and very well written with great full-colour photos to accompany them. I highly recommend becoming a subscriber to this publication because you’ll get access to information here that you won’t find anywhere else. I’ve been reading martial arts magazines since 1980 and they have helped and influenced my own martial arts journey. Wing Chun Illustrated has also contributed towards the way I think about and practice my own Wing Chun. The app is great and the magazine looks fantastic on my phone and IPad. Big respect and thank you to the editorial team and all the contributors over the years.

United Kingdom

I have been practising Wing Chun for the best part of 30 years. In my time, I have read a huge amount of material on the art; however, I can honestly say that your magazine is by a long, long way the finest collection of articles I have come across. The fact that all views (and you and I both know there are so many) on the art of Wing Chun are made readily available in one place, without prejudice, is really inspirational and will hopefully serve as a guiding light and a template for dialogue within the art itself.

United Kingdom

"Always excellently done, always thought-provoking, always interesting content, very well balanced, and always presented with grace and respect for all. I wish that all our Wing Chun brothers and sisters were as mindful in their day-to-day interactions with each other."

United States

The simple and profound truth about Wing Chun Illustrated is that it delivers! In a world where bias is omnipresent, hagiography widespread, and superficiality the norm, Wing Chun Illustrated truly does provide a forum for many perspectives and approaches, always with depth and content—meaning that it’s impossible to pick up an issue without gaining new, worthwhile insight into our beloved art. Truly, if one is serious about understanding Wing Chun, regardless of spelling tradition, Wing Chun Illustrated is de rigueur. Consequently, never settle for “just” present and future issues, but do get the full package, including all the back issues!


I finally received Issue No. 1! I wasn’t expecting much, but the quality of the articles and the magazine itself is incredible! Keep up the good work! I had some issues with delivery because of the Canada Post strike. Magcloud offers great support! So if you’re worried about ordering, don’t be.


Read the first issue back to back—awesome stuff! When is the second issue due? I need my Wing Chun fix!

United Kingdom

Wish all of the media could provide articles with as much concise and complete context. You have placed the bar back up to where it used to be and raised it even further. Much thanks to you and all the Sifus who contribute the knowledge to those of us on the path behind. Thanks!

United States

Switched from Kung Fu Magazine to Wing Chun Illustrated. I liked the Premiere Edition a lot. All the best!

United Kingdom

It rocks! We are very lucky to have a niche magazine like this to purchase. It is up to us to support you so you can keep making them. Thanks to your team for a great product!

United States

This publication is a great find for the Wing Chun enthusiast and I highly recommend it to all. Great articles, great pictures and even available in digital formats. Amazing!

United States

I’m really impressed with the magazine. The articles are well-written and inspiring. Definitely worth getting!

United Kingdom

Finally a magazine about Wing Chun that is lineage-independent. I have waited a long time for this!

This is an impressive magazine and I am set back with each issue by its quality of appearance and content. Clearly, this has the potential to overshadow many other national martial arts publications. Stay the course and always protect the line. Excellent job. As always, thanks and continued success.
United States

A great magazine filled with knowledge and special interviews.

The quality of this magazine is awesome—very professionally done! It provides a major contribution to the martial arts world. Thanks for your hard work.

United States

Great job with the magazine on the iPad. I already subscribed to the 12-month deal. I live on my iPad and this will be a great addition to my Wing Chun collections!

Hong Kong

If you are a Wing Chun practitioner and have yet to buy a copy of the new Wing Chun Illustrated magazine, you are really missing out on some great articles presented professionally on all lineages of the art. A must buy!

United Kingdom

I have purchased Wing Chun Illustrated in printed format and I have to say that it is simply the highest quality magazine I have ever owned! Beyond the quality paper and printing techniques utilised, the articles themselves are thorough and true to the Wing Chun system. I really appreciate owning a piece of history and I look forward to future issues!

United States

I have looked forward to this magazine for months and was not at all disappointed. The articles are well written, nonbiased, and most importantly very informative. This is the first magazine that I have ever read from cover to cover. I’m encouraging all of my Wing Chun brothers and students to subscribe. I’m very much looking forward to the next issue!

United States

I have just received my first two print copies of Wing Chun Illustrated. The Emin Boztepe interview had me in stitches! Great articles really nicely presented. Can’t say enough good things about the magazine! Thank you so much for such great quality. Awesome!


I don’t know whether to frame it or read it! It’s a really nice magazine; high quality! The info is amazing. I shall take it to class tomorrow and get a few more people interested. Look forward to Issue No. 2!

United States